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The Master’s Program in Biosystems Engineering focusses in the General Research Area of Natural Resources and Environment. There are three possible specializations: Agricultural and Environmental Systems; Water Resources and Environment; Energy and Environment.

Working with Biosystems Engineering requires multidisciplinary knowledge. The main topics of the Master are Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computing and Environmental Science.

Deepening the understanding of those fields will let the student improve skills concerning the environmental principles of Agricultural Systems, Water Resources preservation and sustainable Energy.

Succeeded candidates will achieve the Magister Scienciae degree and will be capable to work and generate scientific and technologic knowledge within the Natural Resources field regarding the ideals of Environmental Sustainability.


The Postgraduate program in Biosystems Engineering has nine laboratories, one experimental nucleus, one advanced computer room and one study room for the students and professors.


Rua Passo da Pátria, 156 bloco D sala 236 - São Domingos - Niterói - RJ - 24210-240 - Telefone: +55 (21) 2629-5362

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